• Mary's Side

    John and I met about 7 years ago at Sheldon High School.

    John was a wannabe class clown that always put a smile on my face as soon as he walked in the door each day. He craved attention which this is something about a guy that would turn me off, however with John he was different, polite, sweet, not shy and cared about others and their feelings.

    We definitely had nothing in common and to be honest I never had any intention of dating him, he was a bit to obnoxious for my taste. During a break I was sitting in the hall with my very best friend Stephanie Kilmer waiting for my next class when a friend of Johns (Levi) was sitting with us asking if we had any interest in anybody at Sheldon.

    My reaction was, “well not really but I do think this one kid is cute and funny.” He asked me to point him out and so I did, not knowing he would very openly holler across the hallway, yell at John to inform him that I thought he was cute. I was so embarrassed!!! I wanted to hide. After that embarrassing “I wanted to die moment” John thought he would try and talk to me to get to know me. I thought he was very interesting and fun to be around, always smiling and energetic.

    After a few weeks I made the decision to move to California to be closer to my family. I eventually moved back to Eugene about 7-8 months later. As soon as I got back Stephanie informed me of John asking about me and had called for a few months to see if I had ever came back or if she knew of me coming back. He eventually gave up and stopped calling just weeks before I moved back.

    I still needed to finish school so decided to return to Sheldon. As I was there enrolling myself all of a sudden John runs up to me out of the middle of nowhere so excited to see me back. We exchanged phone numbers and talked for a bit then went our separate ways. He proceeded to try and reach me by phone but I felt “with my situation” uncomfortable about dating him. He was a well-rounded person that was out of my league and I was a young single mother trying to find my own way in life. I was very confused on why he was so interested in me when he had so many options.

    After a few weeks Desiree (Stephanie’s mother) convinced me to take the call and to give him a try. She said any guy that tries to date a girl over that length of time is probably worth giving a shot. I am so thankful I did! I never thought I would be here today with this wonderful person that has not only made me happy but my daughter as well.

    John's Side

    Mary and I met in high school approximately seven years ago during our junior year.

    I myself never thought Mary would come to show interest in me. She was a cute very quite and shy person in school and myself was loud and expected all the attention. You may say we were complete opposites.

    We were in two different worlds, but we had a friend in common that loudly and publicly in the school hall brought to my attention that Mary indeed found my self amusing and attractive. This came to me out of no where that this very cute and short blond who had never in the time of class spoke to me or seemed to showed interest.

    This shocked me to say the least. After that public announcement I began to slowly speak to her in the small amount of time we had in between class periods and lunch. After developing a new friendship with Mary a few weeks in, she dropped off the face of the Earth. Mary's best friend Stefani (who she was living with at that time) informed me that she had moved to California to live with family. This was disappointing news to me but i had some form of hope. So I eagerly called Stefani's home about once a week thinking that Mary had only left temporarily. Months had past, following the year. I came to a point in my Senior year that I knew she wasn't going to return so i stopped calling, thinking that was the end of that.

    It was around the third semester of my Senior year that I was sitting in one of the study halls in the back of the school studying or doing homework with a few friend, when after so long this very little cute blond happens to walk in. I wasn't sure what to think at first because someone who I thought was not going to come back walks in out of nowhere.

    I immediately jump out of my chair to run up to her and ask if she was back for good. I asked for her number once again to see if i can finally ask her out on the date I wish I had with her. I start calling her again, but for some reason every time I called she was never there. It was not till about the third week of trying so hard to ask her out on a date I began to realize I was being phone screened by her.

    It was about a week later worth of phone calls before I was just about to give up that I managed to call her to where she answered. Unexpectedly, I had a chance to finally ask her out for our first date March 15th of 2006. The start of a relationship we both did not consider would lead us here.

    I did however find out later that it was not Mary's decision to answer the phone, but Stefani's mom Desiree that pushed Mary into our date. Thank you Des.

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