Walking around Wan Chai's nightlife district, you'd be forgiven for your perception that this area might be for the sleazy people, given that the number of strip bars there are and what not are overpowering the real and authentic bars and pubs who serves fine beer.

However, with the new opening of the
TRAFALGAR pub on Lockhart Road, Wan Chai is being straightened up. With a whopping 11 beers on taps and bottled beers including Spitfire Smooth, Thomas Hardy Vintage, Brewdog and Green Goblin Cider. So if you're a British beer lover, TRAFALGAR is a must visit pub.

The management have tried hard to mimic that of the styles found in traditional pubs in the UK with green being the driving force with mahogany wooden fixtures, scattered tables and high stools. Two 120 inch projectors are also placed wisely within the venue to broadcast live sports. Situated on the 5th floor of The Broadway, you would assume to find a terrace here which you would be absolutely correct. Sizable with eight tables and hanging around space looking down over Lockhart Road. Great for the spring, summer and autumn months.

Being an English Pub, TRAFALGAR also serves up what we know as pub grub which we all know we love but worry afterwards about it's cholesterol levels. Fear not though, because here at Trafalgar, they're cooking health consciously. Go for their fish and chips!


Trafalgar Quiz Night
Every Tuesday at 8pm.

Free Pool
Every Thursday and Sunday

J├Ągermeister Wednesdays
From 11pm till midnight every Wednesday


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Enjoy our food and drinks in Trafalgar, all for British beer lover!

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