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About us
Adapt Translations Ltd. is run by Paul O’Donnell, a full-time translator with 20 years’ experience. When he left school, he was advised that it was impossible to earn a living out of languages...
Obviously, you can just send your document to us for translation and leave the rest to us. If you have time, give us your reaction to work that has been done.
Contact us
If you have a document to translate, & want to know how much it will cost & when it could be done, please feel free to contact us here. We will reply your message within 24 hours!
Do you need
A document where the English sounds like the original, not a translation?

Your translation produced by someone who is keen to convey your message, and has the writing skills to do it?

Work done quickly, carefully and professionally, at a fair price?

A close working relationship with your translator?
We are a company with 20 years’ experience in translating into English (most of our customers have stayed with us for nearly as long). Keeping the same customers means that we learn exactly what they need over a period of time, and they know that they can rely on us. It goes without saying that as a small business, it is easier to keep the content of translations confidential.

We can handle documents in MS-Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) or in many xml formats.
We are particularly familiar with the political, administrative and legal context of Belgium, where many of our customers are based. We also have a very small number of customers in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

We work both with translation agencies and direct customers.